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an awful t lot of activity down here on the floor. bob pisani joins me. comeback in the market given the statements from jim o'neal earlier in the morning that this is a biggie and could have ripple effects over europe. i'm impressed that the market came back so much. >> the important thing is, let's put up the dow again. one of the reasons that we were moving up off of our lows is that money was coming out of europe and into the u.s. stock market. i'm sure some of it did. the important thing is after the market closed, europe closed around 12:30 eastern time. we held up very well. we're just off our highs. we were for a second positive just fractionally in the dow industrials. look at the major sector, sue, slightly more defensive. so telecom and utilities and consumer staples. look at the financials, sue. they were down more than 1% as a group but now only only fractionally if you look at the big banks, citi group has significant exposure to europe. the regional banks are all just down fractionally today. the dow stocks are up, big international names. caterpillar, for example, pfi
us through that. we're going to start with bob pisani. risk seems to be back on in the market a little bit. >> that's a good point. for a long time the bears have been insisting that the global economy is not as healthy as this teflon stock market in the united states would indicate, and now they've got some ammunition. two companies from fed ex and from caterpillar. now, caterpillar had dismal three-month sales numbers. really shocked a lot of people. fed ex, of course, had disappointing earnings situation, lower than expected international volume. now people are saying, see, we told you. here are who big companies who are saying it's not as big as everybody said. deere got a downgrade from wells fargo. i'll talk more about that in the 2:00. a little bit of good news on housing. keeps rolling along. lenore, 34% increase in building. >> we'll see you back in a few minutes. ty, we'll send it back up to you. >> thank you very much. bob just gave you a very clear shot at the market picture, so what's driving it? well, obviously three developing stories and we're going to cue you
ahead, john, as we look at what mr. bob herbold said. >> oracle's got a really tough culture. this is q4, this is their time to perform. they're out to make money. that's what it comes down to. i don't know if they'll get their feelings hurt and turn in resumes. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. >>> hewlett-packard, a shaky turnaround, but hewlett-packard still has money to investors. boosting its quarterly dividend. hp stock up more than 60% this year so far. also, of course, watching the rival dell. our andrew ross sorkin at an event in new orleans, he's reporting there that the sentiment is that blackstone, the big private equity firm, will not make a bid for dell. those comments moving the stock and not in a good way. it's down 12 cents. that little chart kind of overstates the amount of the drop. but it is down today, sue. >> indeed it is, ty. thank you. >>> and now to the russian rage over the way the europeans are handling the crisis in cyprus. a place where a lot of powerful russians have an awful lot of money. steve sedgwick is live in moscow reporting on possible russian solut
&p is off about 9. bob pisani is here to tell us what is going on. there's a lot of headline risk in the market today. >> and we're back moving on europe now. >> exactly. given 38 to the downside is not that bad. >> even europe is not reacting that much. let me show you the euro. everyone goes crazy talking about the euro. perhaps the finance minister may be resigning, we're trying to confirm that for sure. that's what we've been hearing. and on words that the governing body there, the party of the majority may not even vote on the vote itself. the euro dropped. so the dow jones industrial dropped on that news. in fact, put up the dow, you can see it's in parallel and you can take a look now at the two main etfs here. the u.s. stock market, total market, etf, you can buy that. there is ivv. they are moving in tandem here. people ask me, gee, why is this happening? i'll put it simply, right now the ecb and imf have it. if they don't pay a tax, 85.8 billion euros, they are going to stop providing assistance to the banks. they will provide assistance, no deal on taxes, no deal to pro
of some of the major groups. >> kenney, come on in and join the group. bob mentioned the financials. what can happen in europe might eventually happen here in the united states. >> i don't suspect it really koul could happen but it gives investors an excuse to be cautious and take things off the table. we went right to the high and ran right into resistance. again, it gave people a chance to say let me take some money off the table and see where it goes. it's st end of the month. we will go into thursday with a little more to the upside but i don't think we're breaking any highs this week. >> if it really reflects european policy -- >> that's the big question. >> this is a victory for the moral hazard crowd. people claiming that endless bailouts are just wrong. but it introduces a whole new can f worms. >> it doesn't put the issue to sleep. only continues to bring it to the surface. >> what do you bring to the markets today? >> i think the market will end lower. it will churn all day and end here. there is no sense of panic but no reason to go out and buy new. it will -- we are stuck in t
the program. let's see what the mood of bob pisani is as we go positive for the week. >> the important thing is 14,514. believe it or not. keep on going on either side. need to be over 14,514. the worst week of the year. goes to show you how great it's been for the year that we're basically flat and this is the worst week of the year. take a look at some of the shipping stocks. i've been asked about why they are all up. shipping stocks have been destroyed in the last year, but they are all rallying, a conference here in new york today and yesterday there was a lot of talk about demand for particularly oil transports. ships might be improving, the pricing might be going up and even some of the guys who do dry bulk shipping like dry ships are on the upside. a very tough call, but they are moving on a lot of speculation right now. meantime we've got five trading days left in the quarter, and look at this. the dow is up double digits. still an indication of how strong things are, that we're considering this a very disappointing week and by and large flat. >> on a day like today. you need the ana
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6